Portugal Stories #4: Talks, Talks and Talks

Ok, we’re back with Portugal stories series. This time I’ll try to write in English.

After joined my 1st session, I knew that this summit is not a formal conferences kinda like. So for a while, I felt I was the only one who fits too well. But I kept wearing my suit till midnight. I also add scarf around my neck. Have I told you that I felt asleep while joined the after-dinner session? And by the time I woke up, the session was finished. Not to mention, I got lost for at least one hour, finding a way back to hotel from villa in the middle of the night.

Woke up in the morning, I pray for Subuh prayer. It was a good and clear sky. I really enjoyed the morning on the terrace at my room.

So, here I am, at OWASP Global Summit 2011. I didn’t made good preparation to join this summit, so it’s quite difficult for me to catch up things happened on the session discussion. Actually, I still not believed that finally I could join the summit. When it comes to technical discussion, you can’t just said something that you don’t understand what are the topic being discussed about. When I was at Boulevard ITB, I used to said, “You can’t interview someone with empty head”.

OWASP Governance(?)

ESAPI Session

(University) Students Working Session

Oracle Working Session

Here are the working sessions that I joined:

  • OWASP Governance
  • (University) Students
  • Oracle

At OWASP Governance, we discussed about how should we govern OWASP? Do OWASP need CEO? The duration of OWASP board. And we talked also on AppSec at Asia Pacific. Helen introduced me to Mike. OWASP ESAPI was held in the biggest meeting place. Is it Alantejo? I forgot. We used two projector, and show some code snippets. At (University) Students working session, we discuss how OWASP should reach more for students. Either institute of higher students or high-school students. “Students are our future!”, they said that. I see they were really concerned about students here. And finally my last working session is Oracle. It was a small session. The Portugeesee is a smoker so we held the discussion outside the room. Gandhi, Cecil and Fazli were also joined this session. We just started the OWASP Oracle project. It is a new baby born project.

Attending the summit was really a great experience for me. I met many people from many countries. I learned a lot. I learn how people with different culture, language, race are communicate and collaborate.

Finally, I hope this is not my last global experience. Well, it just started yet.

4 pemikiran pada “Portugal Stories #4: Talks, Talks and Talks

  1. i think you should read jakpost or english magazines or english books more so that you can write better in english -gramatically- or maybe you can use my way of improving my english, talk to natives, write emails in english as well πŸ˜‰

    i still love you anyway :-*

    oh and of course, i hope the portugal trip wasn’t your last international experience, but please, make it less everything-is-in-last-minute πŸ˜€

    1. I think I just listen to Mraz song, and learn english from it πŸ˜€ I write blog with “write once and publish it”, so I don’t do editing.

      Okay, okay, from now on, I’ll keep my passport update!

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