Python Indonesia Meetup #4

Yes, we’re back with meetup. This is the fourth meetup. Well, actually it’s my first Python Indonesia meetup. The meetup was held at office. The official meetup announcement was published by Fanani here.

I came a little bit late to the meetup since there were so many domestic tasks needed to be done. Fortunately, the meetup was started late too hence waiting for the speaker to come.

The first speaker was Adesanto Asman. Ades presented about web2py. Is it another python framework? Yes, I think it is. Since I am quite new with Python, all I knew was Google Python Class and Django. Owh, one more, it’s Dive into Python.

The second speaker was Gilang Chandrasa. Gilang presented about Python on Android. Gilang showed with only few lines of python code, could create Android application.

The video of Ades and Gilang could be see on this youtube video. It’s in Indonesian.

Then we had a break for a while. The meetup continued by presentation from Selwin Ong and Teguh Hardiansah. Selwin presented how to monitor application using newrelic. With newrelic help, developers could focus on how to develope application while give newrelic on how to monitor application. Teguh as the last speakers, presented his idea. It’s his idea and ambition, and he would like attract people to contribute to this project.

This is the video of Selwin and Teguh. I couldn’t finished recording Teguh’s session since the battery was running out.

After all the speakers were done, we had a hackathon session led by Gilang. The hackathon project was the Indonesian Python Project. Too bad I couldn’t join the hackathon session because I couldn’t took out my laptop. It was father’s day out.

In the end, it was a fun and great day. The speakers were great & the place was cool. It was nice, met and talked with more experienced python programmer.


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