Done The Workshop

Today, we have a internal workshop for one of our clients. First of all, I’d like to congrats for the team. It was indeed a successful workshop.

The workshop starts early in the morning. Ok, I lied. It was started since the day before, which I mean the preparation.

I went home early yesterday, since Zaidan is a little bit sick. He got fever and bentol-bentol.

Thank God, he gets better.

Last night, before I slept, I knew I should wake up very early. The workshop starts at 8.30 So I decided to do some small things before I slept.

I did watering, threw thrashes, and delayed the laundry so when I wake up, I could dry them up.

I leaved house at 5.30 And guess what, the traffic wasn’t so nice. I guess Jakartans are very morning-person.


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