Reading is not Studying

Reading is not studying. Studying is when you do problem solving.

This random qoute it’s quite interesting right? I do still read a lot. I read books, blogs, and rarely journals. It means that I haven’t studying yet. I just read.

OK, reading is not yet studying but reading is a bridge to the world outside. A channel that connects you to the outer world. A tool that helps you grow.

Coincidentally, when I read Modern Perl book, the first part of the book explained how you need to know to learn more.


4 pemikiran pada “Reading is not Studying

  1. As i have shared it with you last night dear hubby, i totally disagree with you on this 😉 studying i not always about problem solving, even when you can’t solve the problem, you can learn something from trying. Reading is part from studying, although you can learn many things not only from reading, especially when you read it thoroughly and between the lines, not only read what’s written 😉

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