Plain Work Harder

It is Saturday. Owh, it was Saturday. It’s already Sunday now. I started my Saturday at 5:00 AM. My wife had a morning schedule, and I promised her that I will escort her.

Plain work harder. Is that easy as you can imagine? Nope, it’s not easy. Then after that, you will start thinking plain work smarter would be more and more challenging.

It was a busy day. Leaving house in the morning. Having breakfast in the Taman Suropati. And guess what? What a coincidence that I met two of my friends. They are Nisa and Awin. Nisa leaves near Taman Suropati. She took her dog while having morning jog. While Awin spent some family time at the Park.

I tried to finish Titik Nol, but unfortunately the sky wasn’t clear enough and it was start raining. So I leaved the park with unfinished Titik Nol.

By the way, I should have sleep now. I have my washing machine turned on, doing small ironing, eating starfruit, … and I still should brush my teeth.

Plain work harder.


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