Python QGIS Workshop #qgisjk


Today, I decided to attend the QGIS workshop held at AIFDR office. I followed the instructions to have QGIS 2.2 and PyCharm installed before coming to the workshop.

I supposed to write this blog entry at my blog. I have written my personal notes at this github directory but the notes isn’t a blog post entry yet so I just write it here. I guess I’ll write about the workshop in the perpective of organizer at github, later.

I’ve no foundation on GIS. And also mostly I used Python for scripting.

In the first section, Tim Sutton introduced his plugin builder plugin. Don’t get confused, recursive is a common thing in computer. So with this plugin, you could create another more advanced plugin.

In the second section, we were divided into two groups. One for who are not familiar with Python and the second for who already familiar with Python. I managed to copy-paste the source code and build the plugin successfuly. We created a simple plugin called House Finder which will calculate the distance from one point to any other Point of Interest (POI) such as schools, hospitals, shops, etc.

It was a nice workshop. Thank you Tim and Martin!


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  1. […] Pada hari Sabtu (7 Juni 2014) lalu, saya berkesempatan mengikuti workshop Python QGIS. Acara ini menggunakan tagar #qgisjk. Tulisan saya kali ini akan mereview dari sisi pelaksanaan workshop, bukan isi materi workshop. Untuk review isi materi workshop bisa baca tulisan saya di sini. […]

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