Are the Problem in Numbers?

Indonesia, a country with more than 250 million citizens.
Jakarta, a metropolitan with 12 million inhabitans.
7000 among them are street buskers.
And this is the story of three.

It was the opening text of Jalanan The Movie, a film by Daniel Ziv. I watched it at MIFF (Melbourne International Film Festival).

Melbourne, a city with more than 4 millions inhabitants. I live in the suburb, called Clayton. It took 30-40 minutes from Clayton to Melbourne CBD.

Jakarta was a nice city, only when the lebaran came. Me and Zaidan, and also Zaidan’s cousin spent time at Situ Lembang park. When lebaran came, most of Jakartans were going home to their origin.

Not only Jakarta, but also Bandung. Ikhlasul Amal, shared his observation where the Dago street was empty. People could walk in the pedestrians since there were no street vendors.

So, are the problems in numbers?

I am practicing my english writing skill now. I think I should read more books. A fiction book would be great. It’s still not easy for me to express my opinion in English.


3 pemikiran pada “Are the Problem in Numbers?

  1. wow… you are in Melbourne now? nice.
    yes.. you are right. Jakarta is a very crowded city and only becoming nicer when Lebaran came. But… after staying here in Monrovia for almost 9 months, i miss Jakarta a lot. even with all the traffic and problems there.
    About numbers…. most of people went to Jakarta because they believe they can get more in Jakarta, Bandung and any other big city in Indonesia. This… i think, is because the uneven development in Indonesia. IMHO.

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