“New” Book from Library

Zaidan just had a “new” book from library.

A week ago, me and Zaida went to Monash Wheelers Hill library. I took some book and borrowed it. Then Zaidan asked for another book. It was The Batman and the Marvell.

Later, I found out that the Marvell book was already a bit damaged. The first page was half teared apart. Then, when I was reading a story for Zaidan, Zaidan unintentionally continue to teared this part.

Yesterday, I took Zaidan to return books which we borrowed from Wheelers Hill. But we returned it to Clayton. I returned the three other books and reported the Marvell book which was damaged.

The young librarian looked confuse on how to process my report. She asked help from the senior librarian.

Finally we got charged for $30.03 Wow, that’s quite expensive. They almost charged $40 but I told the librarian that the book was already damaged before we borrowed it.


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