Libraries All Over The Corner

Yay, it’s already October! And today, I just took Zaidan for his first playgroup.

The winter is already leaving, but I am just still to lazy to wake up early in morning. My last running was on Monday a week before. And my last swimming was on Friday two week before.

My last reading? Book reading? Fiction?


Libraries are all over the corner! In Monash, council where do I live, has more than three libraries. Is it five or six, I don’t remember it. And I only had visited two.

The same conditions also apply to other city council. Either Melbourne, Dandenong, Glen Eira, and so on.

These public libraries are like basic needs. Like electricity, telephone lines, gas lines. Reading is very common here. Either you are a child, teen, adult and also the seniors. You can find many people with different ages in the library.



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