Compressed Air Can

Have you ever hear about this: compressed air can? It’s my first. I heard it after a friend of mine suggested me to use this – compressed air can – to remove dust from my laptop fan.

Since I am a new Melburnians, I don’t know where to find this thing in Melbourne. Or even I didn’t know where the local computer repair shop until my wife’s friend recommended one place in Caulfield. Yesterday I went to Dick Smith Electronics at Chadstone shopping centre. I found one link in a forum which mentioned that we could find compressed air can in Dick Smith Electronics. After I re-read the forum, it was posted in 2009. And when I asked the Dick Smith Electronics, he said they no longer sold this thing.

Luckily, I found this officeworks online shopping. Without thinking much further, I made an online purchase and have it delivered.

At first, I use my mouth (then spray some air) and also cotton bud to remove dust from my laptop fan. It didn’t work. The fan keeps making noises. Especially when the fan in high RPM.

I’ve used this laptop for three years. I like this laptop. There were many journeys. From IDSECCONF in Makasar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia; PyCon APAC in Taipei, Taiwan; kopdar Python ID in Jakarta, Indonesia; and so on.

Right now, I am thinking to replace this laptop. MBP 15″ seems cool. Or maybe just stick to my favorite thinkpad series? X1 Carbon? What do you suggest? Or just have camping in Middle Earth? 😉


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