Friday Prayer Discourse

One in every week, a moslem is obliged to have friday prayer. And one of the friday prayer rukun is the discourse (khutbah). It is a one-way communication. There are no questions and answers session. And when I’m in Indonesia, it’s very common to have many people fall asleep during the discourse. That’s why, the discourse is easily forgotten.

It also happening to me. I easily forget, what the discourse is all about.

Today’s friday prayer discourse is about taqwa. Taqwa is translated into english as fear of Allah, pious. Do good deeeds everyday, as we don’t know when is our departure day. There are no small sins as the mountains are built from pebbles.

I think one of the way to remember is to write it.

Today, I decided to seat near the speaker. There isn’t any significant improvement of my listening skill hence I rarely have conversation with non-Indonesian people.


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