Cycling at Weekend

This weekend, we went cycling. Yes, we. Not me, alone.

It was actually my first time ride with Zaidan on a bike with child seat. I was a bit nervous at the first cycles, but I managed to handle the balance as the time went on. My wife also enjoyed her cycling, as her last cycling might be back many years before 😉

We were cycling along with Yarra river. The river has cycling tracks along so it was very convenience to cycling on this track. We rent bikes for two hours. And you know what? Those two hours really flew very fast.

We only stopped for ice creams at McD Southbank. Yesterday was really a hot day. So after we returned the bikes, I bought a 1.5 L mineral water and also 600 ml coke.

Zaidan asked for drink very often. Might be because of the weather. My wife said Zaidan was sometimes looked a bit sleepy while sitting on the bike child seat. Zaidan was very happy with his first experience sitting on the bike child seat. So, definitely I’ll find bike child seat in the next few days.

What about your weekend? Do you enjoy your weeekend?


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