Summer Reading Challenge

Summer is coming!

This morning I received email from the local library reminded me that there were books with due date approaching. So, I decided to take Zaidan to go to the library.

Going to library is just a simple thing. But for me, is more than that. Especially with Zaidan. So, I let him to see the librarians. How they handle those returned books.

At the first time, it’s difficult for Zaidan the concept of library, hence it’s his first time experience with library. He didn’t understand why we should return books to library. While in Jakarta, we usually bought books from the bookstore.

When returning books, I read at the announcement board about the summer reading challenge. I decided to register Zaidan for the challenge. Let’s see how it goes.

And tonight, I am asking my self for the same challenge. The SLV summer reading challenge. Should I?


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