A Very Good Friday Prayer Speech

As usual, on Friday, I have tight schedule on afternoon. First, I need to drop Zaidan to his kinder. Then I should catch the bus, to go to Monash Clayton for Friday prayer.

Today, I went early from our house. We arrived 10 minutes early. As soon as the kinder door opened, I dropped Zaidan. I signed the attendees book, and told him that I’ll pick up later on the afternoon.

I ran to catch the express 601 bus. The bus driver already shut the door, but luckily he opened the door since he saw me running catching the bus. Once I arrived at bus interchange, I walked quickly to sports hall, where the Friday prayer usually held.

So, I listened to the Friday prayer speech. This speaker, speaks very clear. His english is good, and somehow I felt that he speaks from the heart.

The theme of his Friday prayer speech was about family. About finding and giving halal to our child. He told about Amr bin Abdul Aziz. Amr bin Abdul Aziz asking salary in advanced because he wanted to buy clothes for his children. But the employer responded, how you can be sure the next month you’ll be alive? Then Amr bin Abdul Aziz, told to his family, that in the next month they should leave as it is.

He told about the importance to take care your child and give them halal. Then Allah SWT will do the rest.

On the second part of khutbah, he told to the singles. If you want to find a wife, find the one that pious and afraid to Allah SWT. Find someone that will be the mother of your child. That will be more than enough.

Then after the friday prayer ended, I saw him standing on the front. So I just said to him, “It was a very good speech”. He worked 7 years in Monash University, and now back to Riyadh University. He has a PhD in Chemistry from US university. His name was started with “S”, since I am really bad on remembering names.


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