Parents Duty at Kinder

So, I just had another parents duty at kinder. This was my fifth time. On each term, every parents needs to be on duty two-times. There’s nothing special with this duty, just spend two hours at your child’s kinder and see what happens there.

At first, I was a bit nervous. What I should do? Can I play with children? Can I understand them? Either literally or not literally (how to say it?). I remembered at my first duty, I didn’t get the words which came out from Luka.

It was really fun to see things at kinder.

There were no special or sophisticated toys. What they have are building blocks, scissors, selotape, boxes, ropes, papers, water color, piano, costume, flour, sandpit, goals, balls, playground.

So, I am writing this post as a reflection of my parents duty. I am challenging myself, whether I could stimulate a creative atmosphere for Zaidan to grow up.


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