Can’t Wait for Around The Bay

This afternoon, me and Zaidan spent time cycling around the Melbourne CBD. To be exact, Zaidan was sitting on the child seat. He didn’t ride his own bike. He no longer uses training wheels anymore, by the way. If you’ve never ride bike in Melbourne CBD, you should try it. There are city views that you can’t experience other than bike. And now I am considering to have my own action camera GoPro :B

Melbourne CBD is very easy to reach when you ride the bike. Is not as big as Jakarta CBD. So I can move to one place to other place just in a few minutes.

This Sunday morning, we will have our Around The Bay Ride. I can’t wait to join the event. It will be my first bike event, since I was volunteering on 2015 Ride The Night event.

I’ll have 20 km ride. It will start at 8.00 AM, and the first train will arrive at Flinders Street Station is 8.05 AM.

How do I get to city before 8.00 AM?

PS: I am writing this blog on 1.30 AM. I supposed to working on something but somehow I can’t think clearly anymore that’s why I write this post. Do you think writing is healing?


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