The End of Kiddo’s Kinder

Tears stream down your face
When you lose something you cannot replace
Tears stream down your face and I

Finally, the time has come. It’s the end of kiddo’s kinder. It’s been a very wonderful time. Not only for the kiddo, but also for me and my wife. It’s been a long journey for kiddo. This kinder was the first place for him away from his parents.

I still remembered, on the days when we waited at the bus stop early in the morning. Not to mention the freezing wind. And the bus usually comes late in the morning so we don’t know what’s the actual time table for this bus.

Since then, I prefer to ride the bike, and kiddo liked it. We ride the bike in hot/cold and blustery winds. One of kiddo’s friend parent once said, “A hat and a jacket. You just never know what happens next”. When we went home, kiddo usually fell asleep. In the last term, he frequently add another extra one hour playing outside after the kinder time ended.

In the first and second term, kiddo rarely spoke. Once he said, “I can’t speak English at that time”. Then Sakura’s mom once said to me after she finished her parent’s duty at kinder, “Zaidan can’t stop talking. He talks much”.

“Zaidan has the biggest jump compare to his friends”, Debbie, one of the teachers. Debbie was his first. His first other than his parents for him to trust. Where he feels comfort to be with.

Finally, we made it this kindergarten journey. The three of us. Good luck at school. Good luck for your future.


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