Hot or Cold

The weather is back. Last weekend, the heat was coming. It was lasted for three days starting from Friday. On Friday there was no session at kinder. The parents were coming to help clean the kinder. It such a freaking hot. When I ate and drank orange, felt so good.

Since Friday night, we slept outside, in the living room since the air condition only available at this room.

On Saturday, we decided to spend the time at local library. Our aircon is not really cool actually, although it helps. On Sunday, we stayed at home. The temperature average is still above 30 Celcius.

Then the temperature started to decreasing with light rain on Sunday evening.

You pick! Hot or cold?

I still remember in winter, it was very hard to get up from bed and start doing something. Staying inside the bed cover seems very comfort. But somehow, I prefer winter compare those three hot days.


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