The Namesake (in Down Under)

“Your son first name?”
“And the family name?”

That was part of conversation we had when we registered kiddo for a dentist appointment.

Since we live in down under, it’s very common for being asked for family name. Something that we actually don’t have. I don’t have family name from my parent. And at that time, we never think of to give family name to our son.

Then, I remembered one of the novel that I’ve read: The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri. The story about a name.

Since their son was born at overseas (the states), will they give their son just like most Americans? They asked a name from their parents but unfortunately the letter never arrived. The hospital only gave time two weeks for them to put a name. It’s a requirement before leavingthe hospital.

And not until he grew up, he decided to change his name …


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