Do You Really Own a Smartphone?

Do you really own a smartphone? Or the smartphone who owns you?

This post is inspired by one of Daniel Pocock writing. I read his blog via Planet Debian, the debian blog aggregator.

Luckily, at the moment, I don’t have much free time which it means I don’t have many time to play with my smartphone. I rarely twit, compared while I was in Jakarta. I rarely read long whatsapp conversation. I muted most of the whatsapp group except for close family group. The notifications that I read most are slack.

I am trying to be conscious everytime I use my phone. I try to avoid bring phone to toilet. I try to look at other’s eyes when we have conversation. I try not to get my phone with me when I have breakfast/lunch/dinner.

Although recently, I tried the 3-month Apple music trial. It’s nice to have music in your hand :B I was looking for Prokonco song but still can’t found it. Prokonco is a classic javanese children song.


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