Simple Rules

Yesterday, I was asking for a cartridge replacement. I bought an original cartridge but it didn’t work. I’ve tried all of the troubleshooting suggestion from its manufacturer. But still didn’t work. The last option was to replace the cartridge.

So, I decided to ask for cartridge replacement. Luckily, I still kept the receipt. So I went back to the local newspaper agency, where I bought the cartridge. I showed the receipt and told what happened. The shop assistant said she needs to ask to her boss. She called the main distributor. She told me that I should clean the cartridge, so I said I already did that but still didn’t work. I didn’t ask for refund, I asked for a new cartridge.

So finally, I got another new cartridge. The whole process lasted less only than 10 minutes. Easy.

Then, before went home, I stopped at local library. I said I need one of the book until 1 or 2 March while I cannot renewed it again since I already renewed it two times. At first the library assistant I cannot renewed it and the book should be in the shelve for one week. After I explained my condition, he renewed the book for me.

Another story is when I left my library card while I wanted to borrow book. The library assistant just asked me a valid ID. And I showed only my national driving license (note: is not Australian driving license). OK, you’re good.

There are rules. There are so many rules. We need rules since we live in a society. We need an ordered society. And sometimes the best rule is just to keep it simple.


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