Going to Story Lounge

So, here I am. It’s winter and it starts freezing. When the days are shorter than the nights. And yesterday we just had the winter solstice, the day when the night is the longest in a year.

I was feeling very bored in the last few days. After we had our road trip, then suddenly everything becomes a routine. Then, I saw this event: story lounge. It’s my first time so I don’t know what to expect. I only imagine it is some kind of book club.

I arrived a bit late (10 minutes late?). There were four girls already sitting in the corner of the library. The story is called Voice of America by EC Osondu. Lisa, the story teller, has a very beautiful voice. She reads beautifully! Another woman came after me. So, I guess most of man don’t like to read šŸ˜€ (or just too busy working).

Now I am thinking to have this kind of story lounge at home :B

The story is about penpal. A girl from America (USA) and a boy from Nigeria. They exchange letters and the story goes on …

It feels very relaxing when you listening to someone who reads you a story. I rarely tried listening to audio books but surely it’s different! I should come back here for the next story lounge.


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