Today is Yours

Finally, she made it! I am so proud of her. I can’t be prouder more. I can’t expressed my feeling that day. The graduation day, one of the day that truly belongs to you.

When she walked up to the podium to receive her certificate, I saw a long journey she had made it.

Back before the scholarship interview, she still struggling with work which means leave the house early in the morning, get pressed up in Transjakarta, going through Jakarta’s traffic jam. Then she took an English course after office hour. I waited for her then we went for dinner before reached home. These routine keeps repeating for almost 3-4 months.

Then she received a letter which started this journey. I remembered there was a time when the three of us were separated. I went to Taipei, Taiwan for my PyCon APAC, she already flew to Sydney/Melbourne, Australia, and Zaidan stayed at Depok, Indonesia.

For me graduation ceremony is one of the sentimental moment in life. There are family supports, tears, joy, hard work, love, compassion, patient, consistent, persistent, and parents who keep send us the prayer even without us knowing it, behind this journey.

While for Zaidan, this ceremony was boring. He fell asleep once she went to the podium.

And it’s not a graduation ceremony when you don’t have those big words. Words that full of messages. “You’re no longer commoners”, “Give back to society/community”. I like the speech. He mention some books about cross cultural understanding. Was it Understanding China by Henry Kissinger? Unfortunately I couldn’t hear very clearly because the one who sat behind me was bringing a toddler which keep making noise.

This two years has been amazing. If some people saw us life in abroad is easy, is not always that case. And finally we made it!

Life is busy, but don’t forget to smell the flowers.


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